Why I decided to become a photographer

When my kids were little I wanted to have our family portraits taken, went to a photographer, paid the sitting fee took the photos, then waited. They called me a month later to come and see/get the photos. I was so excited I loaded up all the kids and went, the photos were beautiful! But to get 1 photo was $30.00 and $30.00 each additional sheet. To get 1 photo of each pose was several hundred dollars. I was a single mom I could not afford that. I left so upset and disappointed I cried allot that night.

Then it hit me, I can learn to be a photographer and do it a lot cheaper than others. So that is what I did, I studied everything I could find, took many classes, lots of trial and error, many certificates and here I am. My mission has been to give people memories to cherish a lifetime at a affordable price. I charge 1 flat rate, no hidden fees and extra costs. I also do everything digital as to be more environmentally safe.